2024 - 2025 Auditions

Monday May 13th & Tuesday May 14th - 4:30pm to 7pm

Heights HS Band Hall (G110)

Who can audition?

Auditions are open to all students entering grades 9 - 12, for the 2024 - 2025 school year at Heights High School. No experience needed!

What do I need to audition?

All those who complete their information form and current members will be given access to the Audition Information Form, Warm-ups, and Audition Piece. Please keep an eye on your district email.
 If you have questions please reach out to the Director of Percussion, Mr. Whorton (

How can I prepare for my audition?

Mr. Whorton will be hosting eight "Audition Workshops" that directly prepare each student for their audition. During these workshops, Mr. Whorton will teach all basic techniques, warm-up exercises, and audition pieces that are a part of the audition. These workshops are a great chance to get live feedback, tools, and ask questions to help yourself prepare for your audition. There will be four workshops for each instrument.

The most important thing for you to do is have growth mindset and practice a lot.

Audition Workshops are not mandatory, but are HIGHLY recommended to provide you with important details that will be observed during your audition.

When are the Workshop dates?

Quad and Bass drum auditionees are HIGHLY encouraged to attend our snare workshops since many of the techniques carry over.

When and where can I practice?

All auditionees can practice in the band hall or choir room on the actual drums whenever the space is not in use. If you aren't sure about using a practice space feel free to come by one of the director offices and ask if you can use a specific space. We encourage all auditionees to spend over half of their practice time on the actual instrument so they're use to the response the instrument will give at their audition.

What should I bring to practice?

How can I sign up to audition?

First make sure you have filled out a "Heights Band Interest Form" if you are a new member. All current members and those who've filled out an Interest form will be able to schedule an audition for May 15th or 16th. Audition time slots will be scheduled online via "Signup Genius." Links to schedule your audition will be made available May 1st, please stay attentive to your student/district emails and remind messages for all audition communications.

When will I find out about results?

Results will be posted on the Heights Percussion Department Remind and outside of Mr. Whorton's office window the Friday after auditions take place.

What tips do you have for anyone who would be auditioning?

If you have any questions about auditions for the Heights Percussion Department, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Whorton at