who we are

Our members

Every year we welcome new faces, and returning members to our team. 

Our team is unique for a variety of reasons. One reason is that about 50% of our team is usually not zoned to Heights High School, which means higher scholastic performance from our members. Additionally, every senior that has graduated from the program has gone on to enter college. Our past seniors now represent University of Houston, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston Community College, Texas A&M University-College Station, and Bryn Mawr College. We have consisently been honored with students who are members of the National Honor Society (NHS), and members who are first generation high school students/graduates. Each year we have several members who find a nice work-school life balance since they may also contribute to their households.

Our members are also part of different organizations on and off campus such as: Emerge, NHS, HOSA, LatinX, church and others. 

Over 95% of our team is enrolled in advanced courses such as AP/Pre-Ap and IB/Pre-IB.

Join our team! 



WGI Houston, 4th (65.71)

WGI Austin Prelims, 3rd (77.03)

WGI Austin Finals, 3rd (73.61)

WGI San Antonio Prelims, 1st (80.12)

WGI San Antonio Finals, 1st (79.77)

TCGC Dawson, 5th (56.47)

TCGC Cy-Falls, 2nd (72.19)

TCGC Championships, 2nd (88.97)


WGI San Antonio, 8th (59.01)

WGI Houston, 5th (68.54)

WGI Austin, 7th (75.00)

TCGC Dawson, 9th (52.90)

TCGC Cy-Falls, 7th (64.80)

TCGC Championships, 10th (73.54)


TCGC Virtual Finale, Division II


WGI San Antonio, 10th (49.62)

WGI Houston, 9th (51.32)

WGI Austin, 12th (63.32)

WGI Tulsa, 12th (64.26)

TCGC Clear Creek, 7th (56.35)


WGI San Antonio, 9th (62.44)

WGI Houston Pre-lims, 3rd (66.56)

WGI Houston Finals, 3rd (65.57)

WGI Austin Pre-lims, 2nd (73.3)

WGI Austin Finals, 3rd (72.95)

TCGC Morton Ranch, 8th (60.72)

TCGC Klein Collins, 1st (69.50)

TCGC Championships, 4th (81.78)


WGI Houston, 5th (56.62)

TCGC Dawson, 5th (66.43)

TCGC Leander, 8th (75.75)

TCGC JET, 6th (66.47)

TCGC Championships, 8th (73.12)


TCGC Dawson, 10th (48.56)

TCGC Cy-Falls, 10th (44.13)

TCGC Klein Forest, 10th (74.67)

TCGC Championships, 12th (70.34)


TCGC Championships, 2nd (IA)


TCGC Championships, 1st (IA)


Clear Brook Contest, 2nd


The Woodlands Guard Festival, 1st

TCGC Katy, 3rd

Clear Brook Contest, 1st


Clear Brook Contest, 3rd


TCGC, 3rd