Why Join the Bulldog Band?

Make Friends and Join a Family!

The Heights Band is the largest organization on the Heights HS campus! By joining the Heights Band, you will immediately have friends in all different grades and will have a place to call "home" on campus. We have students with all different personalities, different interests, and different backgrounds, that share a common interest - making music at a high level - and that's part of what makes band so great!

Additionally, the Heights Band Directors are here to help you with more than just music! We are here to guide, assist, and help you grow as you go through your four years at Heights HS!

Play Music at a High Level!

The last 4 years, the Heights Bulldog Band has become one of the highest achieving comprehensive 6A band programs in Houston ISD.

Additionally, our band program consistently produces numerous 1st division and state qualifying soloists!

Perform and Travel with Your Friends!

In high school band, we perform a lot! The band plays at football games, marching contests, concert festivals, our own concerts, pep rallies, and more! On our way to our performances (and at our performances!) we spend time hanging out with each other and having fun!

Additionally, every few years the band goes on an overnight Spring Trip for 3 - 5 days. Occassionally, the band goes on a trip out of state! Previous out of state trips have included Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans!

Do More Than Just Band!

Some students want to be involved in just band and that's great! Some students want to do band and other activities, and that's also great!

We have many students that are committed to in-school and out-of-school athletics. Currently, we have students that participate in soccer, track, swimming, wrestling. There is no sport that makes it impossible to be in band!

We have many students that are highly involved in rigorous Pre-AP/AP, Duel Credit, and IB and are part of academic groups on campus! In recent years, band members have earned distinctions as Top 10 Graduates and Top 10% graduates. Finally, we have multiple students that participate in theatre, art, robotics, debate - even advanced courses!

The more you do at a high level, the more scholarship opportunities you will have, and the more prepared you will be for adulthood!

If you have more questions about the Heights Bulldog Band, Please contact Mr. Walters at antwuan.walters@houstonisd.org