Joining the Heights Band

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do athletics or other activities and band?

Definitely! We have current band students track, soccer, swim, and debate. We have had members of the band in nearly every school activity even in varisty football and redcoats! The band directors will work with you and your coach and/or sponsor so you may participate in both activities!

Can I take Pre-AP, AP, and other advanced classes as a band member? Will I have time for my homework and studying?

Yes! In fact, most band students take Pre-AP, AP, and other accelerated courses. The great thing about being in band is that you will also know a lot of upperclassmen that will be able to help you if you are struggling with a class!

What is marching band like?

Many students are nervous about marching band before they get to high school. It's not like anything you've done before in band and it's understandable to be nervous. Think of it like when you began learning your instrument for the first time. The HS directors will take you through a detailed process of learning how to march and will add responsibilities on skills as your understanding increases. Marching season, which is the fall semester, is many students' favorite time of year. You get to spend tons of time with your friends, perform and cheer on the football team at games, travel to games an contests, and compete with other bands at contests.

Am I good enough to be in the marching band?

Yes! And our job is to help teach you and make it simple! We have a wide range of ability in the marching band because we have students who have never done marching band in the same group as students who have done marching band for three years! Everyone is involved in the marching band's production at the level that is best suited for their experience and ability. Our goal is that as you go through your four years in band that you are able to take on added responsibilities as you become more experienced.

What credits do i get for being in band?

In the fall, you receive PE credit for being in the marching band. In the spring you receive fine arts credit for being in one of the concert bands.

What if I need a ride to band practices?

If you cannot get a ride from a family member because of work or school schedules, we would LOVE to help you out. Since the band includes grades 9-12 we have student leaders that are of driving age (and are responsible!) that are often able to give rides. We also have families from all around the Houston area that often carpool. Please talk to a director if you are concerned about your ride situation and we will do our best to find a solution!

Would a financial hardship keep me from being able to join high school band.

Though band students do pay fees that are necessary for running the program, the Heights Music Boosters are able to make special payment arrangements that work for any financial situation. If you have any specific questions about this please contact Mr. Antwuan Walters at

What if I have more questions?

We would love to answer any questions you or your parents might have! Please send any questions to Mr. Antwuan Walters at